City Government

Mayor Davis is a longtime native of Lancaster with a lifetime of public service. Recently, Mayor Davis served as member of the Lancaster City Council and Lancaster Fire Department. Mayor Davis is committed to working for the citizens of Lancaster and Garrard County.

Chris Davis, Mayor
308 West Maple Ave.
Lancaster, KY 40444

Email -
Cell Phone - (859) 339-4958

Shari Lane, City Clerk

Beth Wesley, City Attorney
(859) 339-3038

Lancaster City Hall
Phone - (859) 792-2241
Fax - (859) 792-3341

Lancaster City Council Members
Bret Baierlein(859) 792-6838
Ken Parsons(859) 339-4062
Mike Sutton(859) 339-2537
Jeff Adams(859) 339-1886
Ronnie Bake(859) 339-0288 
Jesse Wagoner(859) 792-6419